Deluxe Linking Rings (8 Set)

Deluxe Linking Rings (8 Set)
Item# DLR8

Product Description

This set of 8 comes with a Key Ring, 2 singles, a linked set of 2 Rings and a linked set of 3 Rings.

Finally - a GREAT set of Deluxe Linking Rings for a GREAT price!

No classic of magic is more versatile than the Linking Rings.

It can be performed with as few as 2 rings, or as many as 14. It can be performed for 2 people in a restaurant, for a large crowd at a Trade Show or on the street, or an audience in any theater. The Linking Rings are loved equally by children and adults, and a performance could be silent or with patter, with or without a volunteer, and either dramatically or with comedy.

These Deluxe Linking Rings were made by TCC - a company renowned for its high quality and standards. The rings are 11 inches, highly polished, hollow chrome, and they come in a beautiful, custom carrying case. This beautiful bag gives you an attractive place to conceal the rings until you use them, and a private place to put them when youíre done.

Everything about these Rings were selected for a reason: the diameter, the thickness, the weight and the carrying bag.

The Key Ring comes with a standard Key Ring because, in my opinion, the basic idea behind a locking key ring is a flawed concept. I donít think it should ever really matter if you can show that specific spot on that specific ring, since it should seem as if every ring can link and unlink with each other. In principle, you should never need to show any specific spot on any ring; and if that need should ever occur, it would take truly masterful handling to open and close the Key without looking suspicious.

Of course, we couldíve made it sound like a "special locking Key Ring" was the perfect reason to buy these Rings, but I just donít believe in them. Instead, the reason to buy these Rings is the superior quality of the metal, the polished finish which will truly last a lifetime, and a truly functional carry bag. Imagine that, after youíve used these professional props for decades, they will be just as functional for your children and grandchildren!

I challenged TCC to produce a set of Linking Rings that would be a GREAT value at twice the price we would offer them, and I think they succeeded!

We appreciate your business and always strive to make you as happy as possible.